Monthly Archives: January 2012

Connecting the dots


I wake this morning with the thought that my Zodiac sign.  It’s Libra or scales.  Before the advent of google sky I sometimes looked for it in the sky, or in the books and wondered how one sees scales in these six stars.  I could never find it on my own even when I thought I had the star alignment committed to memory.   Today while talking with M I pulled a section of the night sky with stars forming Libra and asked M, do you see it?  No she says.  She asked me to find Aries. I did and again we were unable to see a ram.  I looked at the stars and thought about an exercise..  make something of it, see something in it?

I imagine being given to a court astrologer somewhere in Babylon four thousand years ago, would yield completely different ideas and results.

So where did this come from and why?   Why is it that people are checking newspapers, and others use it to determine who they’re compatible with, or what future has in store for them based on something that is based on some old game of connect the dots?

It’s because we like to connect the dots..  Our minds among other things are good at connecting dots. Sometimes connecting them in clever and useful ways with purpose, while at other times simply because the dots are there, and it makes us uncomfortable staring at random dots.

Randomness and chance makes us uncomfortable. Leaving us feeling vulnerable like we’re drifting without a purpose in a world that simply is.   Well as much as I’d like to see the lines and shapes and see some meaning or idea all I see is bunch of dots.