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Million dollar porch in Newport

Sailing…   I decided to try out sailing this weekend.. Another scouts badge.   trimming sails, tying knots, calling people mateys and Captain all in weekend.

The experience turned out to be quite fun and engaging.   Few hours of theory in the classroom learning names of boat parts like clew, and shrouds, rigging and booms.   Sailing directions and orientation.. Everything had funny names most with some old historical context.   Created context, and a thread from today back in time through Naval tradition.   As with most traditions that stay ingrained there is a certain sense of those in and out of the circle.

The class offered through living social brought together people that would never find themselves on sail boat.  Myself for one.

The experience was definitely a unique walk through a world that one rarely intersects.   One filled with sailing fanatics, and the ultra rich whose paths cross on the water.   From one side the love for the sport, the lifestyle.  For the other an outlet to show of their success.  To me this excursion was an interesting look at what the possible rewards of financial success can be one hand, while on the other the trivialities of engaging in extravagance.

Each day we’d walk by a lady sitting on the back of her Power Yacht drinking a cocktail with a small dog in her lap.   She was in her sixties and just sat there on her million dollar boat in a boring Harbor in Newport NJ.   She may as well have been rocking on a rocker on a porch of her estate in Georgia or a broken down porch in some poor town. Of course I didn’t know her, and don’t know if she’s happy, but made me feel sad in a way.  Cause both times I saw her she was alone.